Nutshell and price

In a nutshell, what’s in this course?

Piano video course

  • Basic music theory
  • Scales
  • Chords
  • Rhythmical variations
  • Playing with pedal

Individual coaching/contact 

  • How to start a group
  • How to build your business,
  • Where to teach
  • How to promote
  • How to keep contact with parents
  • Adapt material if necessary

10 monthly online lessons which last about 3-4 hours each with a small group

  • Voice training technique and breath support (EVT)
  • Evaluation workshops
  • Learn the plan for the next workshop
  • Rhythmic training
  • Studying new songs
  • Work on teaching capacities
  • Singing in harmony
  • Canon singing

A complete database, the plug and play plan

  • 30 + pop songs with instrumentals in the right key
  • Lyrics of all the songs
  • Chords or sheet music of each song
  • Instrumentals of vocal exercises
  • Instrumentals of canons
  • Rhythms for timing exercises
  • Points of attention of each song
  • Workshop plans which each last an hour

This course costs 1500 USD for everything which is described above.

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