Is this 4 U?

Are you 16 years old or older?

  • Maybe you’re a mum and you have been singing your whole life in choirs and you love singing with your kids. But it would also be nice to sing with the kids of the neighbours or from your friends.
  • Maybe you are a school teacher who wants to improve your musical teaching skills so the children in the class will sound much better when singing before an audience!
  • Maybe you sing with a band and you would like to earn an additional income.
  • Maybe you’re a musician and you would like to expand your capabilities.

And there’s lot’s of other examples. Let’s meet in a (free) phone call,
Skype or Zoom meeting to discuss if I can help you to become a Kids Vocal Coach.

After this first meeting , let’s say you are enthousiastic to participate in the program,
I’ll give you a singing lesson which is also the intake. During this lesson we’ll explore your singing voice. To enter
the course you’ll need some vocal and musical skills. After this lesson I can determine if your skills are adequate for
this course.

In some cases it’s necessary to improve your vocal skills before or during the course.
After your intake we’ll discuss which plan works best for you.

Note that it’s not necessary to be an excellent singer to teach children (or even adults)
to sing. Many choir directors are also doing a very good job in coaching without themselves being good singers!

Become a Kids Vocal Coach

And make a huge difference in the inner development and personal growth of children.

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