The course

Would You like to become a Kids Vocal Coach?

You can be an inspiring coach!

Do you enjoy singing and would you like to sing with children? Singing together is awesome but it’s also nice if you have the skills to teach them to sing even better!

This practical course is usually spread over 10 monthly classes in a year. During this period I’ll guide you to independently work as a Kids Vocal Coach.

During 10 classes (which lasts between 3-5 hours each), and lot’s of individual coaching around it, I’ll train you to teach children how to sing. I’ll insert all my knowledge and skills to teach YOU all YOU need to know to be a successful Kids Vocal Coach!

Participants will receive an extensive database with musical material.

You’ll be coached how to use this material so you can start teaching right away. It’s a plug and play system! The material in your database will expand as the course progresses. At each course day we’ll go through the material of the plan for the next workshop you’ll give to the children. As there are 10 official course days, You’ll be teaching 10 workshops in between those course days. Let’s call it “official” because there’s extra individual coaching beside the course-program to assure that you won’t be feeling insecure about working with the children!

In the monthly classes we’ll focus on:

  • Evaluation of the workshop You gave
  • Working with a new lesson-plan, going through it and making it your own
  • Learning new songs
  • Training your vocal skills
  • Training rhythmical exercises
  • Basic musical theory
  • Harmony singing
  • Teaching skills
  • And whatever needs attention

The individual coaching will focus on things like:

  • How do I find children to teach
  • Where can I give a workshop
  • How do I promote a workshop
  • How do I maintain contact with the parents
  • And everything which needs more focus on

In some cases extra vocal technique support is needed during the course.

The course focuses on teaching children in the age of 7-14 years old. There’s an increasing demand of singing lessons for children. More and more, children are inspired by T.v. Programs like “The Voice” where they hear children of the same age sounding like adult pop singers. During the course we’ll work with adult pop songs which are geared to the children’s level of understanding.

Singing adult popsongs requires a good vocal technique and that’s why vocal technique is an important part of this course.

Are you interested to learn more about this course? Please fill out the form and I’ll glady meet you on a Zoom, Skype or phone call to explore if this course is right for you.

*The duration of the course could vary to meet the students need.

Points of attention in the course in general:

  • Vocal technique according to the Estill Voice Training System.
  • Basic Ritmical knowledge
  • Playing chords on the piano
  • General musical theory (no music reading)
  • Commercial entrepreneurial skills
  • Educational skills
  • Independently starting teaching projects
  • Working with a database with a wide variety of teaching material, plug and play!

What do you need:

  • A PC or a laptop
  • An organiser with plastic folders
  • A printer
  • A Bluetooth speaker with enough volume to play the music on which you’ll use in your workshops
  • Eventually a piano or keyboard (you could buy a cheap second hand digital keyboard but it’s not obligated for this course)

Entry requirements:

  • Musicality
  • Experience with singing (either solo or in a choir)
  • Proper use of the voice
  • Over 16 years old
  • A passion for working with kids

Prior to the course I’ll gladly schedule time for you to find out if this course suits you. So if you have any doubts about if this course is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Become a Kids Vocal Coach

And make a huge difference in the inner development and personal growth of children.

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