And make a huge difference in the inner development and personal growth of children.

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Would You like to teach children to sing?

You can also be an inspiring Kids Vocal Coach!

TeachSingKids offers you an easy to work with, but complete teaching plan with all the necessary tools to teach children how to sing.

You’ll learn how to develope musicality with the most obtainable instrument; the voice!

There are several ways to follow and complete this course, it can be adjusted to your time and possibilities.

Start the course and practice teaching right away!

Plug and Play!

Why would You become a Kids Vocal Coach?



Singing with children is very rewarding to You and them. You’ll play an important part in their musical development.


Vocal development

You’ll learn a lot about voice and vocal technique during the course.
The “Estill Voice Training system” is utilised as a handy tool to learn and teach singing.

*Estill Voice Training is a method which teaches effective tools for singing and teaching. If You would like to learn more about the Estill Voice Method, please click here

A nice way to make a living

There are lots of kids who want to learn to sing and there’s always need for Kids Vocal Coaches. You’ll also learn how to work as an entrepreneur in this field.



You’ll be trained in playing chords on the piano which makes it easy to accompany songs. (The pianolessons are included but not mandatory and presented as video-lessons)

And above all……it’s fun!!!

The course TeachSingKids is being offered by Monica Millar.
Monica has been a Certified Master of Estill Voice Training since 2005.
Monica has a broad experience in teaching children how to sing and developing their musicality.
Monica worked as a Kids vocal coach by the famous musicalproduction “Tarzan”.
Monica is initiator of the foundation “Kids-Bizz”. Kids-Bizz supports talented children to perform as a pro.